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European Paintings — Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer - Bouquet of Flowers on a Table

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer - Bouquet of Flowers on a Table Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer - Bouquet of Flowers on a Table

Medium:  Oil on canvas
Dimensions:  Framed size 32 x 36 1/2 inches

Signed lower-middle: J. Baptiste pinxt
Circa 1670

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer’s stunning still-life of flowers on a table is an excellent example of this noted artist’s work. Monnoyer portrayed a mass of highly naturalistic tulips and roses intertwined with other flowers, overflowing a large urn posed on a stone ledge. Vividly colored and wonderfully animated, the flowers are painted with such naturalism that they appear to emerge from the dark background and spill over into the viewer’s space. In this masterful work, every nuance and tiny detail is perfectly delineated with crystalline clarity.

Born in Lille, Monnoyer began his artistic training in Antwerp, where he rapidly showed remarkable skill in botanical still-life painting. His talents quickly drew the attention of the French court, and he moved to Paris in 1655 to work on various royal commissions at Vaux-le-Vicomte, Saint-Cloud, and Versailles. He achieved a significant level of fame from his commissions and enjoyed considerable popular success in Paris, where his engraved works, such as his acclaimed series Livres de Plusiers Vases de Fleurs (“Books of Vases of Flowers,” 1660), became well known. During his productive lifetime in France, Monnoyer produced designs for the Gobelins factory along with numerous botanical still-life prints. In the late 1670s, Monnoyer traveled to London at the invitation of Lord Montague, then the British ambassador to France. His works were much in demand in England, and he spent the last twenty years of his life there, decorating Montague’s residence and painting works for such notable patrons as Queen Mary II and Queen Anne. Monnoyer’s superb oeuvre is well-represented in a number of museum collections in cities including Dijon, Grenoble, Lyon, Leningrad, Toulouse, Versailles, St. Petersburgh, and in Paris at the Louvre. This represents a rare opportunity to obtain a remarkable original work by this celebrated artist.

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